Brand Idea

    People think highly dining as their first daily necessity. Likewise, they treasure ceramic as the most valuable container. From ancient to modern times, Ceramic, as an important ware for serving food is very popular among the royal and thee common people.

    The whole world is developing in a fast pace. Ceramic, as an article with unique Chinese characteristic, sales all over the world, which has become a great symbol of our nation.

The wheel of history keeps rolling on. The development of the times makes new demands on Ceramic industry. CHAOZHOU MINXING PORCELAIN INDUSTRY CO., LTD. is developing vigorously under this background.

    MINXING PORCELAIN INDUSTRY COMPANY LIMITED is keeping up with the trend of the times to make ceramics upto more exquisite by high quality and fine craftwork. We make innovations and developing constantly, keep improving to pursue the excellent quality

    The headquarters of MINXING PORCELAIN INDUSTRY CO., LTD. is located in Chaozhou, the capital of ceramic in china. The corporation was set up in 1994, which has gradually developed into an enterprise combining production development、raw material production and all kind of porcelain production and sale.

    Our products are selling well at home and abroad with their pipelining、skillful performance and detail oriented.

    MINXING PORCELAIN INDUSTRY CO., LTD. has independent sales channels all over the country and show many kinds of products in its own shops.

    Greater concentration results in higher worth, just as details make a difference. CHAOZHOU MINXING PORCELAIN INDUSTRY CO., LTD. has a specific position of itself.

    The ceramic products of our company enjoy high quality, gleaming and transparent in quality, crystal white in color and elegant shape, which are used in star-rated hotels and high-grade high-class restaurants.

    CHAOZHOU MINXING PORCELAIN INDUSTRY CO., LTD. featured by luxurious status and classic taste.


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