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    The so-called pottery and porcelain refers to the use of plastic ware and porcelain clay quarry to do matrix, quartz and feldspar, and other raw materials-glaze, and through the forming, drying, firing from the products, mainly for daily use, art, and architecture Three pottery. Archaeological discoveries have proved that the Chinese people as early as the Neolithic Age (about 8000 BC) invented pottery. The emergence of primitive society with advanced agricultural production so that the ancestors of the Chinese people lead a life of a relatively fixed, the objective of pottery with the demand. In order to improve people's lives easier, improve the quality of life, gradually burn through the burning out of the clay pottery. 

    With the development of modern science and technology, and the past 100 years there have been many new varieties of ceramics. They no longer use or the use of small clay, feldspar, quartz and other traditional ceramic materials, but the use of other special materials, and even extended to non-silicate, non-oxide scope, and there have been a lot of new technology. TheUnited Statesand some European countries have literature "Ceramic" understanding of the term for a variety of solid inorganic non-metallic materials known. Therefore, the meaning of ceramics in fact go far beyond the traditional concept in the past the narrow. 

    To date, the Definition of ceramics may be generally described as follows: The ceramic is aluminum silicate minerals such as oxides or as the main raw material, in accordance with the intention of people through specific physical and chemical processes at a high temperature to a certain degree of Temperature and atmosphere made of a certain type of rock technology. Glazing may be on the surface or glazing, porcelain has a number of different levels of transparency and a half, the species by one or more of the crystal and amorphous or cement and clinker with pores or inclusions, such as micro-structure. 

    Portlandceramic industry is one of the main branches of industry, belong to the scope of inorganic chemical industry. However, modern science and highly integrated with each other to infiltrate from the ceramic industry as a whole manufacturing process to analyze the contents of its complex and involve wide, is not only Using the theory of inorganic chemistry can be summarized. 
A wide variety of ceramic products, their chemical composition. Mineral composition, physical properties, as well as manufacturing methods, often close to each other staggered, no boundaries, and in the application there is a huge difference. Therefore, it is difficult to be summed up in a few hard and fast system, a detailed classification of the various different view, the international community to now there is no uniform classification.




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